Pastor Le’Andria Johnson

Le'AndriaJohnsonNewPRImageOctober2012 (1)On September 25, 2013, I was honored to be among a select group of  Bloggers who were privileged to speak with Grammy and Stellar Award Winner, Le’Andria Johnson.  As most of the world knows, Le’Andria Johnson was the Season 3 Winner of the Sunday’s Best.  Since achieving that life changing milestone, Le’Andria continues to show us exactly what perseverance and faith can do.  Below are some of the questions and answers that were shared during this call.  Take a moment to receive insight into the heart and soul of this phenomenal woman.  Be blessed!

QUESTION:  After all of the adversity you have faced in life, why do you think that you are still here?  How are you still standing?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  I am still here because I want to be.  I am still here because I want to see change for myself and for others.

QUESTION:  What was the toughest part for you of ministering while you were pregnant with a child out of wedlock?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  The toughest part for me was trying to reach women who were in a similar situation.  I wanted to encourage them that their life was not over because of this particular situation.  Please understand that the toughest part was NOT be concerned about what the Bishops, or Pastors, even my record label thought of me.  We are all human and we all make mistakes or make bad choices.  That’s life.

QUESTION:  What advice would you give to other young woman who find themselves single and pregnant in the Church?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  To have that baby and find a place where they are not judged and condemned.  To have that baby and find a place where they will be loved and supported as they continue to strengthen their personal relationship with God.

QUESTION:  How do you keep from falling apart during your trials?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  I keep from falling apart by appreciating the process.  I know that everything I go through has a purpose and it’s not just about me.  I also remember that He’s the same God in every situation.  Just like He brought me through before, He will do it again.

QUESTION:  At what age did you become aware of your calling to ministry?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  I have always known that I would minister in some way.  I also knew that elevations in ministry would come and that I just needed to be ready and willing to follow His lead.

QUESTION:  As a PK (Preacher’s Kid), did you ever resent the requirements of ministry on your parents?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  Heck yeah.  There was always something going on the required their time and attention.  Whether it was a 50 night revival, shut-in or something else.  There was no balance and I definitely grew to resent that.  Church was our WHOLE life.  I believe that growing up that way both protected and crippled me.  It crippled me regarding “life.”  That is one reason why I have done some of the things that I have done such as my relationships with men, my style of dress, etc.  I couldn’t wait to do the things that I had not been allowed to do.  However, in my process, I found God for myself!

QUESTION:  What is the greatest life lesson you have learned since winning Sunday’s Best?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  To trust God and NOT man!

QUESTION:  What encouraged you to begin Pastoring?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  I followed the leading of God.  I also followed my desire to look in the face of a Le’Andria Johnson and them them hope.  I want to speak life into them.  I want them to understand that they are so much more than their current situation.

QUESTION:  Why do you sing Gospel Music?

LE’ANDRIA JOHNSON:  I sing Gospel Music because it provides a stream of life to people.  Gospel Music has historically inspired other types of music and continues to provide people with a connection to God.  Gospel Music changes lives.

Pastor Le’Andria Johnson unselfishly allowed us to look into her heart and hear her love for people.  She was very “real” and did not leave me feeling that I was speaking with an untouchable “celebrity.”  She is a woman who is secure in who God made her to be.  A wife, mother, daughter, sister, singer and pastor, she is one of a kind.  I was truly  blessed by this opportunity and pray for continual manifested favor in her life.

Le'AndriaJohnsonNewPRImageOctober2012 (1)


My Silent Voice

On July 8, 2013, the quality of my Voice changed drastically.  I remember walking into a local place of business and responding to a question asked by the receptionist.  My next memory of that day is being in the back of an ambulance, struggling to speak and answer the multitude of questions that were being thrown at me.  My Voice was failing me.  I knew the answers to some of the questions in my mind, but they would not come out of my mouth.  My Voice was silent.

Arriving at the Emergency Room, I began to hear statements like, “She appears to be having a stroke.  We are not getting much of a verbal response from her.  Really not sure if she can speak.”  Needless to say, one of the many emotions that I was feeling was TERROR.  I was becoming more and more afraid as the minutes moved forward and less and less sure of what was happening to me.  After many tests were completed I was admitted into the hospital.  I was told that I would be observed very closely and to expect to have many more tests to determine my exact medical condition.  Still, my Voice was silent.

Over the next few days, family and loved ones surrounded me, giving me a feeling of protection and some level of peace.  A Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and several doctors were introduced into my world.  These individuals would use their medical training and insight to determine my medical status and help me move toward some type of healing.  In the midst of physical pain, emotional fear and spiritual weariness, I was poked, prodded, pushed, pulled and forced to do things that were supposed to make me better.  I could not verbalize my feelings very well at this time.  This alone made me afraid.  Still, my Voice was silent.

Over the next few weeks, I will share more of this phase of my Journey with you.  I will share how I learned that my Voice was not actually SILENT, but it was CHANGED!  I was still being heard……..and so are you!


Healing Voice ~L. Michelle Rhames Woods


“I Am a Voice” Blog is honored to share the Healing Voice ~ Elder L. Michelle Rhames-Woods

What is your name?

Elder L. Michelle Rhames

What is your BUSINESS name?

Divine Pathways Ministries & D.I.V.A.S. (Diverse Innovative Vivacious And Saved) International TM

What is your PASSION?  What is your PURPOSE?

My passion is to minister Gods word to the broken hearted; the ones that others have rejected. My purpose is to be a beaken of light, safe haven, and mentor for teen girls and women who have been sexually violated, either by a family member or someone they don’t even know.

In what way(s) are you fulfilling your PURPOSE and using your PASSION?

I’m fulfilling my purpose and passion daily by 1-1 mentoring, group mentoring sessions, both teen girls and women 18-80. Numerous speaking engagements concerning molestation or themed sermonette.

 Do you feel that your “voice” is just for a “specific” group(s)?

Absolutely not.

Why or why not?

My target audience just so happen to be teen girls and women, however I’ve spoken to countless young boys and adult men who have been sexually violated as well but have kept it tightly hidden.

How long have you been using your “voice ?

My target audience just so happen to be teen girls and women, however I’ve spoken to groups of young boys and adult men on “What their little girls need as  father”.” in this manner?  I’ve been using my voice in this manner now for about 15 years. 15 wonderful years of service to the Lord and my community.

Was there a “specific” life event that pushed you to use your voice in this manner?  If so, what was it?

Yes, I was molested at the age of 6 and began to self medicate by writing. Writing soothed me. During that time God began to teach me His way, hence what you see today. Believe me I’m still a work in progress.

What CURRENT events/endeavors are you pursuing?

Right now I’m completing my second book entitled  My Life As A Cover Girl, A Woman’s Story And A Believers Hope.

~I host Teen Girl and Adult Empowerment Parties. Butterfly Kisses Teen Girl Power Party TM

~Now working on a very special project called “Marpe” Sanctuary. This is a delicate ministry to guide Pastors, leaders and lay persons how to minister healing to those that have been sexually violated. The church tends to push these areas under the rug because they don’t want to take the time to deal with it. A subject that is taboo for the most part. This workshop is very intensive as it includes power point presentations, video’ and hand outs.

What UPCOMING events/endeavors are on your horizon?

Well just the launch of the long awaited book My Life As A Cover Girl, Hosting my Teen and Adult Empowerment Parties, EMCEE events, being a panelist.

**Remember Butterfly Kisses will come to you. All you need is a host and 5 of your girlfriends.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your work, projects, etc. that I didn’t ask? 

I’m available, I love the Lord, I love what I do, and I am honored He chose me to carry the torch.

How can my readers/listeners contact you?

I can be reached at, please place your request in subject line (i.e.,  Butterfly Kisses Teen Party)

Telephone: 919-213-9941

To receive a booking form go to the main website: and click on booking Tab.  Once there click on the pen picture which will load the booking form in a different window. Fill it out and email back to the address. If you can’t pull it up just request one in the subject line of the email and I will get it back to you within 48 hrs.

While you are there check out all that we have to offer.   MICHELLE RHAMES WOODS

A Teaching Voice~Lorna A. Lewis

“I AM a Voice” Blog is excited to share the teaching Voice of Lorna A. Lewis.


What is your name?

L.A. Lewis
What is your BUSINESS name?

L.C.L. Publishing
What is your PASSION?

Motivating others
What is your PURPOSE?

To be an example of God’s love
In what way(s) are you fulfilling your PURPOSE and using your PASSION?

I’m an author and a teacher. Through my writing I encourage others to live life to the fullest. It’s a gift that should be cherished and treated as such. When I’m teaching I’m constantly motivating my students to go above and beyond and to be the best that they can be. In my writing and my teaching I express love and encourage others to do the same.
Do you feel that your “voice” is just for a “specific” group(s)?  Why or why not?

My voice is for anyone who’ll listen. Young or old, big or small.
The message of love and life goes for everyone. The teacher in me and the creative part of me allows me to do that for all people. My delivery to a child would be different from an adults, but the message would be the same.
How long have you been using your “voice” in this manner? For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a need to encourage others. It wasn’t until I wrote my daily devotional “The Gift of an Abundant Life” that I really knew it was time to reach out to more people. That book forced me to study the Bible and I was able to really internalize all the promises of God. That was eye opening and I have to share it with others.
Was there a “specific” life event that pushed you to use your voice in this manner? If so, what was it?

There really wasn’t a specific event that caused me to use it. My dad did give me a Bible. It was a contemporary English version. It just all made sense to me once I started reading it. The writer and teacher in me had to share what I was getting from the scriptures and how we’re to apply them in our lives.
What CURRENT events/endeavors are you pursuing?

Right now I’m focusing on getting my books out there to more people. A part of me feel that I’m supposed to be a motivational speaker, but an even bigger part of me is so afraid of that 🙂
What UPCOMING events/endeavors are on your horizon?

I’ll be in New Orleans,La on July 3rd at the Writers and Readers Conference. I’m also planning my very first Love and Laughter Marriage Conference here in Baton Rouge, La. in February.
Is there anything else that you would like to share about your work, projects, etc, that I did not ask?

I currently have three published books “Dirty Little Secrets” which is about a school teacher and her husband. This story shows how lack of communication could cause some very serious secrets to be formed in the marriage. I also have the daily devotional “The Gift of an Abundant Life,” and I have a book on parenting titled “Things You Never Thought You’d Have to Teach Your Child.” This book reminds parents the importance of teaching the child how to have a positive attitude, time management, how to socialize, and other life skills they need to be successful now and as adults.

How can my readers contact you?

My website is and my Facebook page is Books By LA Lewis, and on Twitter @AuthorLAlewis



An Empowering Voice~Chana M. Kurtz

Thank you so much for agreeing to be my guest on “I AM a Voice” BLOG.  I completely believe that each of us not only “has” a Voice, but we ARE a Voice.  Each Voice is unique and MUST be heard.


What is your name?

Chana M. Kurtz

What is your BUSINESS name?

Journey to Self- Love/Empowerment Foundation

What is your PASSION?

Is to encourage people to finally accept the truth about their lives

What is your PURPOSE?

My purpose is to use my experiences to encourage other women to identify “weights” confess them, commit to losing the weight and to finally continue in their new weight loss…

In what way(s) are you fulfilling your PURPOSE and using your PASSION?

Thru speaking, blogging, workshops and I currently became an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics…I want women all over the world to know that beauty is deeper than the skin.

Do you feel that your “voice” is just for a “specific” group(s)? Why or why not? 

Well naturally because I’m a women I tend to draw women closer faster, women who are interested in losing physical weight tends to want to know how I lost over 100lbs, when they realize that I’m not talking about physical weight they are that more intrigued. When I wrote my book I wrote it so that it was friendly to anyone who read it…I’ve actually sold more books to men than women believe it or not, so I would say my message has no boundaries or barriers but naturally more women are attracted to my story.

How long have you been using your “voice” in this manner?

I created J2SL in January of 2011 and it has made all the difference in the world on how I deal with ppl…after losing over 100lbs I realized that the physical weight was not my issue at all…I use this platform to meet women all over the world.

Was there a “specific” life event that pushed you to use your voice in this manner?  If so, what was it?

It was, this is pretty bold.  I actually had a guy who wanted to come “sneak” and lay with me…he told me all he needed to do was sneak in before my kids got up…it was at that moment I realized, how far away from love I actually had for myself…I had allowed myself to be devalued over and over again and I needed to do something to change the course of my destiny…so now that I love ME, my decisions for myself have changed drastically!

What CURRENT events/endeavors are you pursuing?

I have a few other radio shows coming up. I also am hosting a birthday party/charity event where I will be collecting school supplies for local families in need of help for their children.

What UPCOMING events/endeavors are on your horizon?

I’m working on launching a radio show to prepare me for a TV talk show.  I’m very excited about pursuing this…it’s a total step outside my box, that’s another thing the Journey to Self Love and The Weight Is Over has done for me…it does not confine me to proverbial box.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your work, projects, etc, that I didn’t ask? 

I just want to encourage our readers to keep on going…you are right where you should be…don’t allow people to make you feel like there is something wrong with you. I have a saying where I say, the human palate for approval is insatiable…whatever you do, do it for you and accept it as it is and if you don’t like it, change it! I’m working on a several book projects my favorite one right now is called Perfected Timing…it’s a book that discusses how my experienced all worked together for perfection…

How can my readers/listeners contact you?

I’m on Facebook: Chana The Changer, Twitter: Journey2SelfLuv or my website, which is currently under construction but I believe you can still contact me… or shoot me an email at

**Note to my readers:  Chana’s book, “The Weight is Over” is a must have.  From the first word until the last I was touched and moved to make some life changes that will help me continue my personal Journey.  ~ jeg


Journeying On……….

Currently I am experiencing some medical challenges that are effecting my ability to speak.  I find this reoccurring issue to be frustrating and quite annoying.  Have you ever tried to tell someone something and they could not understand what you were trying to say.  It is almost like you are playing Charades and you have to physically act out your thoughts without using your words.  Well, that may be cute and funny when you ARE playing a game, but believe me, it is NOT cute or funny when you are trying to have a conversation.  Ugggh.

By now, many of you know how I feel about each of us and our Voices.  I am totally convinced that we not only HAVE a Voice but we ARE a Voice.  I believe that each of our Voices are unique by Divine Design.  I also believe that each Voice comes with the right and responsibility to be heard.  You ARE your Voice and everyday, whether you verbally speak or not, you are being heard.  When you enter a room your Voice is heard.  When you smile your Voice is heard.  When you give a hug or a kiss your Voice is heard.

Even in those times when you feel as if your Voice is not being heard (like when you have an abscess removed from your throat) you must keep journeying on.  Never, ever give up on doing what you have been predestined to be.  No one ever said that your Journey would always be comfortable, but it still remains your Journey.

From the moment of your conception to the day that you take your last breath, you are on a Journey and even when you hit some potholes on the path, the Journey must continue.

I remember times in my childhood when my family would be traveling on the highway (usually for ministry purposes) and somewhere on the highway we would reach a place for a detour.  My father would follow the detour signs and navigate the necessary changes while understanding that ultimately he would be back on the road that he knew would take us to our destination.  If you have reached a place where you must take a detour, that’s okay.  Take the detour and then get back on the path to your destination.  Journey On!

Do not allow your “detours” to become your “destination.”  Do not allow changes in your plans or the deferment of your plans to force you to give up.  Take the time to evaluate and analyze where you are, why you are there and what you are supposed to do while you are there.  Then, get moving!  Revisiting this post, simply reminds me that no matter the daily challenges I may face, my Journey is not over!

Journey On!


Inspiring Voice~JAE HENDERSON

Jae_Henderson1“I AM a Voice” Blog is honored to share the inspiring Voice of Jae Henderson:

After embracing careers as a radio talk show host, marketing and media professional, and voice over artist, Jae Henderson decided to add inspirational romance author to her roles. Her entertaining stories about the astounding power of love and God’s ability to care for us have been warmly received by readers of all ages.

Jae began her I’m A Good Woman literary series in 2011 with her debut novel, Someday, and followed it with the 2012 released of its sequel, Someday, Too. Now she’s back with the final book in the trilogy, Forever and Day. Join Jae as she uses her wit and way with words to take us on a most entertaining journey filled with wisdom, romance, suspense, and jaw dropping twists and turns that inspires believers to keep the faith and remember that we may not be perfect but we serve a perfect God. She even has an inspirational estory series entitled, Things Every Good Woman Should Know. These short stories encourage women to be the best they can be in their spiritual, professional, and social lives. Two have been released thus far: You Are Beautiful and Take Care of Those You Love.

Jae Henderson is a graduate of The University of Memphis where she earned a BA in Communications and an MA in English. She is the former host and producer of On Point, a once popular radio talk show geared toward youth and young adults. Other accomplishments have included serving as a contributing writer for the award-winning, syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show and a successful career as a voice over artist. Her signature voice has been heard in hundreds of commercials and even a couple of cartoons. When Jae isn’t writing, she works as a public relations specialist and college professor. She currently resides in her hometown of Memphis, TN.

For more information visit,


Empowering Voice~ANNIE BROWN

 ANNIEBROWN2Annie Brown is an author and a minister whose passion is helping others.  She is fulfilling her Divine Purpose by using writing to reach those who have fallen victim to holding on to un-forgiveness and not allowing themselves to experience the freedom that forgiveness brings.  She provides emotional support to the terminally ill as they make the transition from death to eternity.   She does not believe that her Voice is geared to any one specific group because the young and old, Christians as well as non-Christians, need to experience forgiveness in their lives. Regretfully, the young and old die with terminally illness. If one has to die it is vital they have experienced forgiveness from God and have asked forgiveness from any others that they need it from. 

Her first book “Christians with Pervasive Issues was published in 2011. It is her belief that social workers are born so the innate desire to help others have always been part of her skill set. However, in the professional work force  she has been working with hospice for nine years.  She has  been a licensed minister for a little over 25 years. 

She is working fulltime with hospice and doing book signings.  She published another book “Who I Be” in September 2012 and working on getting it out to the public.  Currently, she is working on a couple of other books and plans to return to her hometown for an event in June that will highlight accomplishments of people from the community.  She is very excited.

She wants each of us to know that forgiveness brings freedom to the one who forgives and we should all strive to be more like Jesus in that respect whatever the issues might be.  

 She can be reached the following ways:  e-mail, address: 20 Seminole Avenue, Sylacauga, AL 35150, phone 256-249-8769 or 256-404-3036  She is also on face-book, twitter, and LinkedIn.  You can check out her book at  Also, Christians with Pervasive Issues has a page on face-book

Book Title: Christians with Pervasive Issues

Genre Christian Non-Fiction


About The Book

Even as a faithful Christian, there may be times when you feel that there is no hope of escaping issues and themes in your life that ensnare and trip you up time and time again. When a certain pattern of behavior or type of suffering has been following you all your life, it’s hard to believe that you can ever escape from it. Christians with Pervasive Issues shows us that every child of God can be delivered from issues that cause them to be a victim, rather than walking in victory. In compassionate, no-nonsense language, Annie Brown demonstrates that with genuine repentance, using God’s principles, and the right counseling/support, you can overcome anything. Christians with Pervasive Issues gives you the ray of hope you need in order to heal your life, and get closer to God.

About The Author

 Annie Brown is the mother of four adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She is a licensed minister and social worker. As a social worker, Annie works the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual’s life. It is Annie’s desire that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life, so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth, and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

The Meaning of Pervasive Issues

I WAS GETTING ready for work and suddenly the words “Pervasive Issues” were dropped into my spirit. Can you imagine someone who is not normally a morning person having something so important to deal with? I could not even think of the meaning of “pervasive,” so I could not comprehend what was being said to me. I went on to work, but it did not leave me. I shared what had been dropped into my spirit with my co-worker who is an encourager. He gave me a push to pursue the message the Spirit was conveying, and to understand what God wanted me to write. I could not begin until I did some preliminary homework. I had to figure out what part of speech that “pervasive” was. “Pervasive” is an adjective, which served as a modifier to the noun (issue). Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined it as “spreading through every part.” If an issue is pervasive, it permeates the whole of something. Pervasive issues need to be dealt with within the Body of Christ.


Book Excerpt

A Remedy to Get to the Root of the Problem

WHAT IS NEEDED is that the people of God “must” clean out their secret compartments and confess that they need the Lord to deliver them. Confession is made unto salvation (deliverance). If we confess our faults, the Lord is faithful in forgiving us. You may ask, “Why do I have to confess if I was not responsible for what happened to me?”

The issue then becomes whether you have forgiven the person that caused me this harm. If there is no forgiveness, then you become a victim twice: a victim of circumstance, and a victim of bondage. This can be in some ways more dangerous than cancer. This will always be eating away at you. With cancer, at least you know what is going on in your body. Being a victim of circumstance and having an unforgiving heart bring torment. This torment becomes a part of you in such a way that it eats through your mind, destroys your inner peace, and puts your soul in jeopardy because it becomes a heart matter of sin.

Recognizing There Is a Need

EVERY INDIVIDUAL IN the Body of Christ has strengths and needs. Most times the two words strength and weakness are used to describe parts of your abilities to cope. I like the word needs instead of weakness, because weakness denotes that I just cannot help it.

However, the word need helps me to understand that I am insufficient within myself to furnish the supply. In other words, I don’t have what it takes to get this matter taken care of and I “need” help. Help, Lord! The Word of God has declared that God will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. Denying our helplessness and unwillingness to take the need to God only prolongs getting deliverance and healing. The Lord revealed that the Body of Christ was compared to harvest time when it is gone and the people are left in dire need.

Let us look at Jeremiah 8:20, which stated, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved [delivered].”

Connect with the Author
Email Address:
Twitter link http://twitter/annieclara2002
Facebook link:

Order a copy

Amazon link:

Outskirts Press:

Tour Schedule: Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tour


Remembering Mom!

mommyRev. Dr. Essie C. Greene

Jan. 20, 1940 – March 14, 2011

You were a Mother among Mothers.  A true example of motherhood still being used by generations of Mothers.  Your love and devotion to your children is legendary and will never be forgotten.  Your engaging smile provoked smiles in others.  Your caring spirit and generous heart knew no strangers.  You were the epitome of a self-sacrificing Mother.  I am honored to have been your daughter.  From you I learned the unique and Divine ministry and gift that makes a woman a MOTHER.

Mom’s arms should ALWAYS be a place of “safe landing” for her children.

Make sure that your children know that even though MOM is not perfect, her LOVE is!

essiegreene1mom and dad1